Engineer specialized in 3D reconstructions of historic and archaeological sites.




Creation of archaeological and historical reconstructions that represent, in a clear and engaging way for the public, the places of Antiquity.

On a scientific level, this is meticulous work: projects are carried out in collaboration with local experts, prioritizing the transmission of their knowledge.


Support for archaeologists and historians to promote scientific research by studying and illustrating hypotheses in a clear and visual way.

Creation of theoretical models supported by the most modern techniques (GIS, LiDAR, photogrammetry, dating, etc.).

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Audiovisual production

Creation of 3D animations for integration in audiovisuals

Reconstruction of architectural spaces

Reconstruction of poorly preserved sites and monuments for visual description or representation of interpretive hypotheses.

Paleolandscape Reconstruction

Evolutionary reconstruction of ancient landscapes (territory and population). Projects carried out under GIS environment.

3D Topographic model

Scientific Visualization

Visualize complex scientific data to enhance understanding (LiDAR, Digital Elevation Models, Geophysical surveys, etc.)

Heritage digitization

Digitization of sites/monuments through photogrammetry to facilitate documentation and analysis.

Virtual object restitution

Visual restitution of manufactured objects


In collaboration with Virtus Magic, we help cultural and educational organizations to create memorable visiting experiences through Virtual Reality, Apps, interactive web content, etc.

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3D Design

More than 20 years of experience in the use of 3D animation software. The use of these techniques facilitate the communication of History to the public and offers a more effective result if it has artistic qualities.

It is a more laborious technique than conventional drawing, although, in the author’s opinion, the advantages it offers in the field of rigorous representations and research are unquestionable.

GIS environments

Ability to work in GIS environments. This technology facilitates the creation of rigorous reconstructions as it offers the ability to integrate georeferenced elements with great precision into 3D topographic models. I work with georeferenced orthophotos, elevation models, specific coordinates, etc.

The author has experience in the use of online cartographic services such as the Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN), Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya (ICC) and the Federal Institute of Topography of Switzerland Swisstopo

Point Clouds

Ability to integrate and manipulate point clouds from LiDAR, bathymetries, geological surveys, etc. They will facilitate the creation of precise 3D models.

Experience with Faro Focus 3D scanner.


Ability to digitize and document sites and /or objects through photogrammetry (SfM) as well as integrate and manipulate the resulting 3D models.

Certified UAV pilot with experience in very low altitude flights suitable to document with a “Ground Sampling Distance” around the millimeter.

CAD Design

Ability to work under parametric 3D CAD Design softwares. Knowledge in the technical language of 2D plans (views, sections, etc.). 10 years of experience in the automotive design sector.

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